This blog is overdue.

My ‘baconisms’ have long outgrown their humble facebook platform. Like a small pan of sizzling bacon whose size is rendered insufficient upon additional bacon being added due to pre-bacon-anticipation, and needs to be upgraded to a larger pan to cope with the increased quantities of bacon in order to flourish and ultimately fulfill its crispy  potential.

So rather than having everything on facebook, a blog seemed like a way to have greater control of my baconisms. Its about owning & sharing my bacon and capturing its bacony essence in all its crispy glory, “unleashing the bacon” if you will.

This will truly be free range bacon, AN ONLINE BACON PARTY!

I’ll invite friends as guest writers – bacon-temporarieas, bacon-noisseurs, experts in the field of bacon…… (pauses to daydream about a field of bacon)

Also, respect to the good people at www.liftbigeatbig.com who have a great site, and who’s name inspired my bogs name, so check them out if you’re also into lifting heavy shit, including but not limited to lifting  vast quantities of quality bacon into your shopping trolley.

This blog is also token of gratitude to everyone who’s shared bacon stuff with me on FB & in the real world and especially those that encouraged me to take these shenanigans to this next level. I hope this continues to bring some joy & crispiness to all those who take time to share & participate.

Stay Crispy!