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Check(-in) Mah Mad Gainz Bro

So I haven’t posted in a while, the bacon is still a thing but the honey(glaze)moon period of bacon is over and am busy doing all things ‘lift big, eat pig’ rather than posting about them.

My crossfit gym (aka box) launched a competition for October called ‘check in & win’.
The person who checks in the most times on facebook during october wins the comp & a voucher to the wodlife which sells cool gym gear.
so i started checking in when i got to the gym and adding a line such as ‘the hunger gainz’ or something similar, in keeping with the current gym-bro culture of all things ‘gainz’ and ‘bro’ and ‘do you even lift’ etc.

then i had the idea to actually take it one step further and use my (basic but arguably effective) photoshop skillz to change popular movie posters or album covers incorporating a play on words with ‘gainz’ / puns and adding gym equipment.

it amuses me immensely, and hopefully a few others get a chuckle out of it too.

enough talk… let the GAINZ begin: